About Stewarding

Stewarding is a great way to see shows at the ADC Theatre and Corpus Playroom for free! You don't need any experience; we will train you on the day. Stewards are responsible for: representing the theatre and ensuring that all customers have an enjoyable experience, assisting with an auditorium evacuation in the event of a fire and assisting with customer enquiries.

How do I sign up?

Before you steward for the first time, your account will need to be activated, which can take a few days. Once your account is activated, you can sign up to steward any shows that still need a steward; shows are typically released one week in advance, and signing up is done on a first-come, first-served basis.

If you cannot attend a shift after signing up, you should return the shift through this site as soon as possible. If there are fewer than 24 hours left until the show, you won't be able to return the shift, but you can offer it to other stewards through this site. In this case, you're still responsible for covering the shift unless someone else takes it.

The notable exception to this is if you are feeling unwell in advance of your shift. If this is the case, please alert the management team as soon as possible by calling 01223 359547 so that your stewarding slot can be made available to others and a replacement steward can be found.

What do I need to know?

You must attend the venue and report to the Duty Manager at the time shown. This rule applies even if you have stewarded many times before. If you are late you may not be permitted to steward future performances.

You must not drink or be under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

What does a steward do?

We'll go over all of this in training, but if you want to know what stewarding's about, here's a quick guide:

While stewarding a show, you will need to stay in your assigned position and wear the t-shirt given to you. Remember that you are acting as a representative of the theatre, and act in a courteous and helpful manner when dealing with the public.

Before the show, you will be responsible for selling programmes, checking tickets, and admitting customers into the auditorium.

During the performance, you get to watch the show! There will be some additional fire safety matters to keep in mind that will be explained in training.

After the show, you will be responsible for supervising audience members in the foyer or for helping to clear the auditorium so that it is tidy and ready for the next show.

Other Questions?

Please feel free to ask any member of ADC Management if you have any questions!